Thursday, September 9, 2010

Burnt Marshmallows, Floured Cars, and BBQ Set Parts In the Longkang: A BBQ, 6 Damai Style

First up, thank you so much for all the kind words and wishes, my mum and I really appreciate it! After writing the blog post, I went with my mum to the doctor to collect the test results. As it turns out, she took three tests: one came back positive, one negative and one more has yet to come back. 

So there is a chance that it's not ACTUALLY cancer, if I understand it correctly.


The final test result will be out sometime next week, so til then we are totally chilled out. Waiting is a bit of a bitch though.

Anyway, I said I was going to go to a barbeque and celebrate life!
Life is all about learning, right?
And I learned a few things that night:
1. Trying to rip apart strips of streaky bacon that have frozen and are stuck together = holey streaky bacon
2. Holding a marshmallow too close to the flame = fireball on the end of my stick! OMGWTFBBQ(heehee)
3. 'Decorating' one's friend's car with flour AFTER it has rained and the car is wet is NOT a good idea. Dried flour paste is mothereffingly hard to get off T____T
4. Lanterns catch fire o.O

Pictures? As if you had to ask.

The food! Marshmallows not in the picture, dangit And also, no picture of marshmallow fireball, cos I ate it right after putting out the fire *guilty*
Uh. Allow me to explain the modified lanterns. The plates were meant to keep the light drizzle out of my lantern, therefore saving it from getting wet and dying on me. And the weird things in the middle of the plates are actually fishballs. To, you know, stop the lantern from sliding off the stick. All ideas not my own, credit goes to Sharon, the owner of the head perched on my shoulder! One of the lanterns is hers, which is why I'm holding two =D
Why you shouldn't celebrate birthdays with us. Not only do you get floured,
so does your ride!
Look at us having fun here. Little did we know it'd be such a bitch to get off!
No, there isn't a weird white creature behind Mun Yee the birthday girl. It's her personal Flour Cloud (TM)!
Refer to Lesson 4.
"Only I burnt my lantern! Don't jellis plz."
 The host attempting to clean up our mess. Ooops. Sorry, Ryui Bynn.
Our host and the missus cleaning up our mess. But hey! Don't think I was useless okay! I was at the back, cleaning too! Cos I uh... well, I made extra mess at the back. *shamefaced*
Paying penance.
The BBQ aftermath.
Oh, and Lesson 5:
Don't forget the inside of the BBQ thingamabob. It can fall out.
And then you'd have to go into the bowels of the earth to take it out.
And if you think the work stops there, it does NOT.
Yes, I always look like this when I mop floors.
Look at this creation! Made with my own fair hands.
I can't bake to save my life.
My friends made it! Homemade, fml. I need to up my game, man.
And it tasted AWESOME! Now, to con my friends into thinking my birthday is coming again.
Happy birthday!
We aren't totally mean, okay. The floured woman got to take a shower and all. AND we cleaned her car!
Part of our Form 6 gang, plus a few extra people who are honorary members of our elite group.
It's been 3 years since our days of gambling in class and hiding handphones in our bras, but the bonds of friendship have only gotten stronger with time. Luv yu guyz *wobbly lip*