Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Want A Wedding NOW

Last night was a night of regret and wonder.

Regret because I had to skip Chrissy's 22nd birthday party to attend a wedding, and wonder that I have so many relatives I have never met before!
Until last night, I had never met the groom. And he's my relative!
Uh, no pics. Since I was a stranger, I didn't want to be all gelabah and leap around taking pictures of people I don't know.

As an illustration of just how unconnected we are, despite being related by blood, I CAN'T EVEN FIND HIM ON FACEBOOK. How sad is that?

Question: Is sitting in a hotel OPPOSITE Zouk, getting pleasantly buzzed on good wine on the same level of fun as grinding IN Zouk getting buzzed on whiskey?
Answer: Yup! Surprising but true. Not a big fan of getting wasted anyway, and I don't like invasions of my personal space by strangers. And I managed to meet long-lost relatives.. and they're mostly really nice to talk to! Didn't really talk to anyone under the age of 50, but still. Fun!

I was taking mental notes all through the wedding. Like, I want to give a speech too! And change dresses loads of times muahaha. And I won't have shark's fin soup. And I don't know how I would manage to have a church wedding AND the traditional Chinese-style wedding, complete with ji mui torturing the heng tai. Obviously I would want a Christian wedding, I'm  not THAT religion-challenged. But Chinese weddings are so awesome! I floated home on a cloud of romanticism and dreamy euphoria. Mmmm. Love weddings. Not necessarily enamoured with the idea of MARRIAGE, but weddings are awesome.