Thursday, September 23, 2010

Charlie St. Cloud, I'll Meet You In The Cinema

I love Zac Efron.
First, he's ridiculously good-looking and his physique is WHOA.
And have you watched his interviews and stuff? OMG adorable.
AND he's a fantastic actor!
Maybe for him to marry me. I already have the wedding planned out.

If you thought that all he can do is play cutesy teen boys, prepare to change your mind

The trailer for his new movie is awesome!
I am not ashamed to admit that I started tearing up around the 35-second mark.

I am SO watching this movie! In the cinema because Zac Efron's awesomeness can only be fully appreciated on the big screen.
I wanted to wax lyrical about his physical awesomeness, but I can't because it somehow feels like it detracts from his quality as an actor. So.. yeah. I'll just stop at telling you that whenever he comes onscreen, I squeal like a little girl. And the fact that guys roll their eyes at my squealing but still sit through the whole thing AND ENJOY IT while I clutch at things and drool uncontrollably is a testament to how good an actor he is!


kc said...

the movie any good? have the book - a bit light.