Saturday, July 10, 2010

Back In The Jungle

I'm back in my beloved UKM, where there is no water heater, air con, or mummy's cooking. It's now freezing water, sometimes sweaty nights, and oily cafeteria food!
When I came back, the first sight that greeted me in the residential college's grounds was that of a whole bunch of freshies sitting on the ground, staring at the facilitators in awe. 


Holy crap! Damn fast, TOO damn fast. 

Here is a nostalgic stroll down memory lane:

This is me, on the morning of my very first day of being a university student! At home, at about 6 something in the morning, all packed up and ready to take my first steps into a new world. Yes, I had long, CURLY hair. No, I wasn't forced to perm it. No, I don't regret it!

Here's what has happened since that first morning:
I've met INSANE people I love. Clockwise from centre, Chrissy, Tootsie, Shel, Sasa, and moi.
My roomie for a year, Hani Bunny. Our love will continue even though we're not roomies anymore!

I've participated in fun things!
Me and Seen (choir senior) before our choir performance for the National C-Something Women's Organization (NCWO).

The whole choir! Don't we look awesome?? So 1Malaysia.

Me and Nana, the hideous purple outfits were for the benefit of the graduating seniors.. The choir was the entertainment during the convocation ceremony!

Say 'hello' to the tugu my team made for some tugu-building competition. We won second place only, bugger.. We should've gotten first! Muthu, Ah Peng and Siti, all linking hands. So 1Malaysia (and this is before Najib came up with the term! Muahaha *bangga*)!

College dinner, themed 'Corporate'. Yes, lame theme. To make matters worse, we had a colour scheme: Red, black and white. Hence, we all look like monochromatic wage slaves. This is my best 'stressed corporate woman' face, btw.

I've had good times
Me and Chrissy! <3

Look at THAT! UKM is really gorgeous. Taken while strolling back after swimming at our golf course. Sorry la, not SLR quality.. I took it with my phone!

In short, I've had a blast in UKM, and here's to my final year! May it be the best year EVER!


To get myself into the studying mood, I bought myself Disney Princess stationery - a test pad and a note book! Teeheehee.

Aren't they GORGEOUS??


Liz ^^, said...

Yes, they're gorgeous (the Disney Princess stationery) and yes, I am rather jealous !!! xD hehe

Final year jor, don't play2 too much k? :P (Or maybe that's all the more reason to partayyyy !!!)

k0k s3n w4i said...

hey, i was just in UKM today (oh wait, yesterday since it's now past midnight). was at a CME session organised by your uni from 9am till 6pm :)

May Lee said...

sasa - hehehe pretty kannnn? i can't wait to start classes =D

sen wai - really? how did you like it? come over more often!