Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dinner @ Skewers!

Ling and Thai took me to dinner for my birthday (so sweet right??), and there were a few venue choices:

Ling: So babe, where do you wanna go?
Me: *slightly panicky because I really suck balls at picking places to eat* Uh...... where do you wanna go?
Ling: Uh.. it's your birthday!
Me: I really dunno! *hyperventilating*

Okay, so that was a bit of an exaggeration. Just take out the hyperventilating and stick in 'unable to think of a single food place in Malaysia, let alone a nice place to have dinner', that's how it really was.

Anyway, the choices were Las Carretas in Taipan, Rakuzen in Empire, Skewers in Subang Avenue, and some Chinese place (dunno where). Since I had only recently read a really good review of Skewers, when the name popped up, I was like "Skewers sounds awesome!!".

A word to would-be customers:

Skewers is really quite happening, especially on football nights. MAKE RESERVATIONS. Or else you may end up:

Being seated; given a weird set menu, only to have it taken back because it is specifically for a private function; then have a lot of wait staff demanding what we're doing there, and if we're part of the private party to which we answer "Uh.. No? Is there a problem?" and some harried-looking waitress says "No, no, stay where you are". Later, a grumpy (or just stressed) waiter runs up and says "You cannot sit here, this table is for a private function", and we have to sit at the only table available, one of those tall ones for drinking. Then the private function guy comes to us and says "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to run you guys off, we're not using the table, so you can sit there if you want", and bingo, we're back where we started!

Moral of the story: Make reservations!

Of course, I think this is because Skewers is really new, and the staff were all a bit harried because of the party, and an event was supposed to start later (we didn't stay for that, but it looked like it would've been fun!).

And the manager (not too sure, maybe he's the owner but he definitely wasn't a waiter) has EXCELLENT customer service - he managed to turn our 'okay, not coming back here anymore *simmer*' to 'teeheehee not bad ar this place!', not just by being super attentive, and telling us which dishes were the bestsellers, but also by giving us 

A complimentary dessert on the house. Chocolate cake, I think. With CREAM (*tries to lick the computer screen*) on the top! Mmmm. I LIKE you, Mr. Manager/Owner. But I'm getting ahead of myself; I should show the main course first right? Bah. I is fail at food blogging.
So, main courses!

Thai had a sandwich, I think this is a Chicken.. Something. Sorry, I can't remember! It was a bit bland though, not really stupendously delicious. If it were, I'd remember its name, for sure.

Ling had Minty Lamb Skewers. Very nice, the minty sauce went well with the lamb and the buttered vegetables as well as the pilaf rice; but the lamb was quite fatty and therefore it was really hard to get a small bit off the stick! I was practically murdering the poor lamb again, the way I was trying to hack at it in my attempts to get a bite-sized piece of lamb. I ended up gnawing on it in a very unsophisticated manner.

And this here is mine: Rosemary Beef Skewers! Okay, it looks like the least yummy of the three, and the Manager/Owner didn't even list it amongst the best sellers (Minty Lamb is a number 2 best-seller, btw), but in our humble opinions, it was the nicest dish that night! Muahaha May Lee crever to pick food.
The rosemary went perfectly with the beef and the grilled pineapple, and the subtly herbed pilaf rice was a good complement to the flavourful beef and the tart sweetness of the pineapple. I kinda wish it came with some vegetables though, at least for the colour if nothing else.. My plate was all brown and yellow!

We've known each other since high school.Ling and I used to always kena from the prefects for 'Coli berwarna' and I came late to school almost every day. Now look at us being all grown up! *sniff*

And after the main course,
NOW it's appearing in the proper order!

Mmmm. Chocolate-y goodness.

And of course, the requisite camwhore photos!
You can see the Skewers sign in the background!

By the way, Subang Avenue is next door to the Carrefour in Subang Jaya, in case you were wondering. It's really quite a happening place to eat, drink some beer and watch football, as well as check out some hotties (and where there is good food, there will be hotties!). Just don't forget to make a reservation first!

This is their number, you're welcome!


Liz ^^, said...

Ooh, looks really yummehhhhh~ XD
*jealous again*

You always get the good food !!!! I only get to stare at pictures (and lick comp screens) of good food :(

May Lee said...

Haha.. birthday ma.. after this, back to the glorious jungle-ness of UKM. then we'll all only be able to dream of good food.

Ken said...

Hey May,

It was nice to have you @Skewers. Didn't know it was your birthday. Happy Belated! Hope you had a good thing that night :)

Mr Manager/Owner

Join us @ www.facebook.com/skewersmalaysia.

Look for Ken the next time you come around :) I think I could still recognise you.

Ken said...

Opps, sorry i mean "Have a great night @ Skewers". Embarassing.

May Lee said...

Hahaha omg, i can't believe you actually found this post! sorry, i wasn't sure which one you are, hence the safe route - Manager/Owner.

i definitely had a great night, all things considered! =D

p/s: definitely will look for Ken the next time i return from the jungle ;)