Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rite of Passage!

I think there are milestones that mark the lives of women, and one such milestone is

Yes, I finally have one, thanks to the Christinas!
Chris Tan and Chrissy

Birthday pressie, but I never really got around to taking pics (in it, and of it). Well, the pics have all been taken but the ones of me in it will not be published for the sake of your eyes.You're most welcome.

Here it is, May Lee-less!

Isn't it gorgeous? Quick; someone, ANYONE, TAKE ME TO THE BEACH!

Yes, my friends know of my not-state-secret: My love of Disney Princesses. So, the box (Chrissy made it herself!) is all DP-ed in a way that made me clutch the box in awe (I was actually distracted from the pressie inside! That's how much I love me my cartoons!) and wonder. 

Ooops, pic not rotated. Nevermind, rotate your head.

Lookit that! Dear PRINCESS May Lee. *beams*

'Nuff said.


Liz ^^, said...

I HAVE seen the pictures of you in the bikini (from Chrissy's phone). You WERE doing us a favour not publishing them xD *teehee* Kidding. btw it IS gorgeous ! I'm jealous !!!! :D

May Lee said...


hahaha nvm, one day you'd get one too! then we can go swimming in danau and shock the people there *evil laughter*