Sunday, July 25, 2010

Food Post Part 1 - Yamada @ SS15!

SS15/5A is definitely best known in the food context as the Japanese food street. You think I'm kidding? There is Tomoe, Gin Ryu Tei (formerly Ryu Men Tei), Rakuzen, Jyu Raku, Hyotan (further down the street), and now, Yamada, which jumped onto the bandwagon about 6 days ago, according to the lady boss. The awesome (some might say crazy) thing is that almost all of them are next door to each other, which means that 'fierce competition' may be a euphemism for what actually goes on while the customers contentedly stuff their faces with sushi and terriyaki chicken.

Now, you may think 'GILA! Yamada is the new kid on the block, confirm die d.'

Hah. You is wrong, my friend.

For one, Yamada is helmed by none other than Yoshiharu Yamada, the selfsame chef who ran the kitchen of Munakata for about 25 years. Yes, the Munakata.

Do you want to know something coincidental? The Yamadas have a daughter who goes to the school my dad teaches in. Talk about a small world!

Back to the restaurant:
I don't consider myself a 'food blogger' since my posts are always so fail - I just like to post illustrated gushes about good food. I shall proceed to gush now.

One, the chef is the uber experienced and fabulous Yoshiharu Yamada.
Two, jockey service so you don't have to make ten rounds around SS15 looking for one lousy parking spot.
Three, THE FOOD.

Mmmm. Appetiser on the left, some really awesome beef cubes that are salty-sour and chewy and GOOD. On the right, the salad that comes with the set. They make their own dressing!

 My set! Sorry, the name escapes me. But it's a ginger-flavoured beef set. At RM25, I think it's really reasonable! The mound of beef may look small, but it's actually a LOT of thinly-sliced beef, so tender and juicy the strips almost fall apart in your mouth. Flavour-wise, I can only drool expressively in the hopes you get what I mean. Delicately flavoured with garlic and a gorgeous slightly buttery juice, it's really something I'd recommend.

The sai lou with the bowl of garlic fried rice (RM9). It isn't on the menu, but the chef said 'No Problem!', and voila! Fragrant, delicately fried, and a rather huge portion. Can I get a 'YUMMY!'?

The chicken terriyaki set (RM21), the name of which I've forgotten again. I solemnly swear to bring a notebook next time I go out to eat. I have the memory of an aging goldfish. 
The chicken is also a thing of beauty and joy! It is deep-fried, but I don't know why the texture and taste is a little bit reminiscent of satay. Covered in a terriyaki sauce that isn't too heavy and overpowering, can you blame me for stealing bits of chicken from my brother?

Hmm. My picture of the Saba Shio set (muahaha I got the name from another review found here. Go read it, the pics are WAY better than mine AND the reviewer remembers the names of the food!) is really horrendous. Go read the review in the link, the pic is much nicer.
The saba is filleted, something you don't get in regular, run-of-the-mill Japanese restaurants. A whole saba fillet, beatifully seasoned and delicately pan-fried. Juicy, pesky bone-less, and slightly crispy on the outside, it is a steal at RM21. Seriously.

To top everything off, check this out! Complimentary sashimi from the chef! 
You can literally TASTE the freshness. I kept the wasabi at a minimum, just enough for a bit of a kick, but so little I could taste the flavours of the sashimi. Fresh, light, and tender.

Are you drooling yet?

Yamada Japanese Restaurant
5, Jalan SS15/5A,
Subang Jaya,