Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hand Me The Bleach...

...I need to clean my brain. No, I haven't been doing/looking at/watching anything I shouldn't have. Ironically, my trauma comes from a desire to keep abreast of current news. Who said it's good to read the papers? FML.

Nek Wook wants a baby

Nek Wook, the 108 year-old cougar (she puts other cougars like Demi Moore to shame, woot! Malaysia Boleh!) and her recently-released-from-rehab-ex-druggie-toyboy (at 38, the word BOY is debatable; but compared to her, he's practically a beardless stripling) want to have a child.

As in, a real baby.

Oh, and here's the bit that made me want to pour Clorox into my brain by way of my eyeballs.

“We tried (to have a baby) earlier but my wife’s age factor was an obstacle." ~ disgusting fetish man, a.k.a Druggie Hubby. HOLY GOD, WTF! SHE'S ONE HUNDRED AND FUCKING EIGHT! DUDE! GO BACK TO REHAB, YOU'RE OBVIOUSLY NOT OKAY YET!

"We tried it the normal way, but my wife menopaused five decades ago, oops. We forgot. Hey, give us a baby!"

 So yeah, they now want to adopt a child, ala Brangelina (but just a teensy bit older). 

"Mohd Noor said that on their way back from Pasir Mas, Kelantan, yesterday, his wife pointed out to him a shop selling mittens and baby products.
“When I looked at her gesture, I realised that she badly wanted a baby,” he said, adding that they would prefer a toddler as he would be easier to take care of.
“I can’t expect my wife to be running around at her age when I have to work to fend for my family,” he said."

*cue hysterical laughter* The man must still be on drugs.
How are toddlers easier to take care of?

Uh. Good luck. Hey, maybe if you feed the kid drugs (share share a bit la, you're his dad!), he'd be REALLY easy to care for.
"I can have sex at 108 - I can handle ANYTHING!"

 "Mommy, you're so YOUNG!"

P/S: Play safe, heed the condom ad (Not you, Egg-less Grandma and Druggie Hubby.)


k0k s3n w4i said...

awwww, it's wuv! twue wuv!!

(hope you've seen princess bride or that ref would make no damn sense to you :P)

May Lee said...

i did! but it's been a few years, and all i remember is 'hello my name is inigo montoya and i am here to kill you'

hahaha. refresh my memory plizz

k0k s3n w4i said...

it's "my name is inigo montoya. you killed my father. prepare to die!" :P

it's that scene with the priest who's mawwying prince humperdink and princess buwwercwup... i mean, buttercup :P

try searching "mawwiage princess bride" in youtube :)

May Lee said...

oh yeahh... oops. i do remember bits of it, like the giant and the sicilian!

hahaha.. yeah i just watched that vid! it's true wuv, alright. =S