Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Plastic Surgery: Yea or Nay?

The other day, I read Xiaxue's blog post on her plastic surgeries (yes, she did two eye jobs at the same time!) with mixed feelings:

On one hand, I applauded her balls in admitting she has had surgery done. I mean, it's so tedious and predictable when people get stuff done to themselves, and then deny it. If you're going to do it, then admit it! That's what Xiaxue did, so good on her.

On the other hand, I was cringing like mad to see the pictures of her reddened eyeballs. Like, seriously. I am a big baby when it comes to pain, so I cannot even fathom going to a doctor ON YOUR OWN INITIATIVE and having him POKE AT YOUR EYEBALLS. Holy crapballs, man! I even shudder at the thought of Lasik even though it's just lasers, that's how freaked I am about doing stuff to my eyes.

My idea of Lasik surgery.

And then, today I read this article

S’porean seeks sponsor to enlarge breasts

and wondered "WHY IS EVERYBODY DOING IT??"

This girl is so despo that she actually posted on her blog, seeking SPONSORS for her boob job. Okay, I don't think this girl is very smart, because

  1. she's surprised that she has gotten unsavoury responses: for instance, one guy said that he'd sponsor, if she'd allow him to fondle them. Eh, woman, OBVIOUSLY he'd say that right? Or else what does he get? Being a Good Samaritan never got anyone laid, dummy. And
  2. she wants to enlarge her size from a 29A to a 32C. Um. The boob job will change your cup size, but I highly doubt they will change your underbust (the number is your underbust, in inches). Unless you want to be 3 inches fatter in diameter, I dont think sticking some saline or silicone or whatever into your funbags are going to do anything to your underbust. Sorrylah.

Anyway, there seems to be a happy ending in sight for her, since a couple of clinics want to sponsor her and maybe tattoo their contact number onto her tummy while she's unconscious, so that when she's on that bikini show, it's like free advertising! and make her dreams come true. Btw, I've watched that Bored in Bikinis show. Dude, you don't really have to do your face as well to join. I've seen some ugleh ones. Just get bigger boobs, don't mess with your face.

Anyway, I have to say that I'm quite undecided on the whole plastic surgery thing.. I have no real objections to them (I look longingly at descriptions of nose job procedures); my only objection is the pain factor, which outweighs my immense vanity.

Conclusion: I have no 'Yea' or 'Nay'.. How about a 'Yay' instead? What do you think?


Liz ^^, said...

NO to plastic surgery.

Crazy money, horrible pain, slow and torturous recovery.

Natural beauty. What's the reason for plastic surgery? Just for you to feel better about yourself? Well, that's your own self esteem issues you gotta work on.

If it's for other people, well, then why care about what other people think? If you're hoping to snag some hot shot guy to marry and live happily ever after, why want a guy who's interested in looks and appearances? A sincere good guy who is right for you won't care tuppence about whether you have double eyelids or whatever.

So, yeah. A big NAY. >.<

k0k s3n w4i said...

something about a woman with cosmetic prostheses just disgust me something fierce. it's like they are less human somehow. i absolutely cannot get attracted to a woman who had underwent plastic surgery. my insides simply rebel at the idea.

but if they put squeakers into breast implants, i would totally reconsider my stand.

May Lee said...

As a person who gets squeamish at the thought of blood, I am definitely all for Natural Beauty (if only to escape the suffering that comes with Artificial Beauty)!

But as an extremely vain person, I can, to a certain extent, understand what drives women to do it. After all, we all have something to market in life. Some women feel that what they can offer is their face/body, and that's fine.. only they don't HAVE said face/body. I assume that, in the past, those kind of people would curl up somewhere in despair, but nowadays technology has made it possible to give them a reason to live.

Anyway, EVERYONE wants to look good (that's why makeup sales are so good), it's just that some people are willing to take it to the next level.

I agree with Sasa, don't do it for some guy. Like, seriously. If he REALLY loves you, you could have eyes so small they aren't visible to the human eye, and he'd still love you. BUT, IMHO, if you're going to do it for yourself, then I think that's fine, but you need counselling as well, because some plastic surgery won't do anything to help your self-esteem issues, long term.

And Sen Wai, you can always suggest it at some forum! *HONK HONK* I dunno why, I suddenly got images of those Sesame Street monsters.. the ones who honked their noses!

Gallivanter said...

I wanted to do lasik, but there's always a side effect to it, it's just that they don't tell you. I recently met an optician who said she met a number of customers who had problems, and lasik has ruined their vision. Instead of 20-20, it's permanently blur that even glasses cannot help. Just be sure. It's a matter of eyesight vs glasses.

Liz ^^, said...

Ahaha, if it's about UNDERSTANDING what drives people to go under the knife, well, sure. I can understand. But then, it makes you think, but why? Maybe it does make you feel better about yourself, after. But the whole idea of feeling better about yourself based on your appearance rather than say, kind acts and by giving back to people, I mean, it DOES say something about yourself and the society we live in, doesn't it? Why do see things the way we do (that beauty is important for our self-worth)?

May Lee said...

gallivanter - wow, are you serious? I was always under the impression that Lasik = perfect vision! Okay, now I have more reason to NOT want to have those lasers pointed anywhere near my eyes. Thanks for the heads up!

sasa - yeah, the whole obsession about looks really does say something about the society we live in. I really think that instead of saying 'HEY! Going for plastic surgery? You have a problem!', we should take a good, hard look at our society (us included), and wonder what exactly is it we do to make people think that how they look is of utmost importance!

kenwooi said...

well, others might think it's alright.. but i think it's unnecessary for myself.. =)

some people just need to boost of confidence, or they have just too much money to spare.. =P