Friday, July 2, 2010


Emotionally, that is.

My birthday was definitely celebrated with lots of loved ones and friends (not necessarily all on the same day, mind) and I was reminded again and again how blessed and lucky I am to have all these people in my life! Yes folks, be warned - this post is a rather emo one.

First, my Form 6 friends had a small joint birthday celebration-cum-get together for me, Jerome and Moong Kiew..

Introducing... *drumroll* (almost) the whole 6 Damai bunch - the class known for gambling in school and making far too much noise!

Us at Ke-Yang's (the blurry guy up front in the picture before this one) house with my first jelly cake of the year. Yes, after looking at this photo I'm now aware that I clap like Paula Abdul.

Then, I had my awesome day out with my LoverBoy that was everything a birthday celebration should be, and more! And just when I thought the surprises were over, he managed to surprise me AGAIN, by showing up on my birthday with

I love the absolute impracticality of flowers, as well as the incredible beauty they possess. Aren't they lovely? I've got gazillions of pictures of them; close ups, camwhore shots, you name it, I've taken it! 

 I even got a pressie from LB's parents! A Burberry Brit perfume set, in case you're wondering. Bless them.

My second jelly cake of the year, courtesy of LB (yes, my boyfriend is awesome. No, you can't have him. No, I will not accept yours in exchange, either!). 
Actually, it's really not so much the STUFF, but the effort he put into everything that makes me slightly snuffly and watery when I think about it.

 Ooops. Too over-eager to cut the cake and sink my teeth into that butterfly!

The restaurant owner was like "wah, is that your boyfriend ar? He spent 5 minutes arranging the candles on your cake! *insert chinese words here that mean that he really has the heart to do it well, sorry I is banana*". And I melted, again. Honestly, I have done nothing at all to merit Adam Riff. Fate, you've dealt me a good hand!

Not only do I have an A+ boyfriend, my friends are all top-scorers as well!

Lookit the gorgeous card Chrissy made me! BY HAND! As you can see in the picture above this one, there is a purple envelope with a Sleeping Beauty sticker on it.. Chrissy bought the WHOLE sticker sheet just for that one sticker because she knows I heart Sleeping Beauty. The feminist in me objects to the whole 'lie there and wait for your prince to save your arse' thing, but the Disney Princess lover in me goes 'SHE'S SO PWETTYY!!' (and oftentimes the DP lover's incoherent squealing drowns out the measured tones of the feminist).

And here is something my mum's friend's daughters (they are also her students, incidentally) made for me!

Handmade by a 12 year old and a 7 year old. They are so cute! I don't even know how they knew it was my birthday. Kids really are the darnedest creatures, sometimes you want to strangle them (I'm not talking about these two, though), and sometimes they do things that make you melt and go all warm and gooey like butter in the sun.

But the funniest story is the one involving this
Sasa and Nana's pressie!

So this is what happened. During a recent sleepover at my house - you can read Sasa's account of it here because once I read hers I didn't bother to write my own since we'd have the same pics and everything - Sasa and Nana decided to surprise me on my birthday by leaving my pressie with my mum so that she could pass it to me on my birthday.

My mum being my mum, SHE FORGOT. And as it was a surprise, I had no idea about the existence of the present so I couldn't remind her. So the days passed with no response from me regarding the pressie, and Sasa and Nana were starting to get a little bit worried. On Tuesday, I received a cryptic text from Nana.

Nana: Hey babe, did your mum give you anything for your birthday?
Me: *thinking she meant FROM my mum* Yeeesss... why ar?
Nana: Oh, nothing.
Me: *hmmm*

Then, I got a message on Facebook from Sasa telling me that they got me a pressie, and to collect it from my mum. Me being me (IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY!), I forgot. So another day passed.. and on Thursday (earlier today), I suddenly remembered. 

"MUM! Did Sasa and Nana give you anything to pass to me for my birthday??"

(This is a genuinely shocked expression, btw. I hate candid shots.)

So anyway, when we got home, she rushed to give me my pressie, and I called both Sasa and Nana to explain the whole sorry tale. Thank goodness they're both understanding people - more reason to love them to bits! I've already started on the chocs (making up for lost time!), yummm. If you want some, you know where to go.

Looking back on my 22nd, all I can say is that I am truly truly blessed to have so many awesome people in my life! <3 <3 <3 Thank you, friends and boyfriend alike, for walking into my life and deciding to stop and hang out.


Kim said...


Btw, I didn't know that you clap like Paula Abdul. HAHAHAHAHA!

k0k s3n w4i said...

you're going to hate me then - i take candid shots almost exclusively :)

and what is it with girls and botanical genitalia? my girlfriend always say that they are a waste of $$ but she still melts away when I presented her with some.

but she did keep saying that the next time i feel the urge to give her flowers, i should just give her the cash.

happy birthday :)

Liz ^^, said...

Ahaha. You seem to have had a great bday babe. :)

And seriously, don't beat yourself (or your mum I hope >.<) up over your bday prezzie. haha It's no big deal. It's not that we were expecting thanks, was know, wondering :P haha

Darlin' we're totally glad to have you in our lives too you know. So, clean your snotty nose and give me a hug !!! *BEAR HUG*

Muakzzz~ Love ya babe :D

May Lee said...

ck - shuddup. it's mean to mock me =(

sen wai - they ARE a waste of money, in a practical sense.. i always do say that it's much better to buy something that would last longer! but... flowers are PRETTY! and it does say something when the guy would spend good money on something that lives for such a short time, just to make a girl happy.

haha yes i think i would very much hate the results of your photography. =S

thank you for the wish!

sasa - yesh i did, thanks to everybody! and OF COURSE i would thank you, woman! i was not raised by a pack of baboons. and i really do love the pressie!



Liz ^^, said...

Look at yourself.

Your nose so IS snotty !!!



May Lee said...


Aileena said...

Lolx...that's sooooo FUNNY!!!! Anyways, glad you love it, enjoy o! ^^