Sunday, July 4, 2010

Footy Footy Football

I wanted to talk about how Brazil got thrashed by a most unlikely (apparently) opponent - Netherlands, not too unlikely if you think about it since they haven't lost a match since the qualifying rounds.Add that to the ill-fated Melo whose own goal

Brazil: 'WTFFFFFF?!!"

followed soon thereafter with him releasing his frustration on Robben's leg (who faked agony almost as well as some girls fake orgasms, but hey, whatever works, right?)


and getting himself a red card.
   There walketh Brazil's crushed dreams of hoisting that rather hideous embodiment of World Cup victory. 

 Cantik meh?

AANYWAY. The Brazil-Netherlands game is still being reviewed in the papers, since there was a HUGE backlash by the volatile Brazilian fans. Melo, your life may be in danger.

As I was saying, I WANTED to talk about the game in detail, but my attention has been caught by this:

Germany Routs Argentina, Sends Diego Maradona Home

I watched the game last night (phwoar, where is the footy-hating girl now, eh? In hibernation, she will be back once World Cup is over!), and I think the rest of the world was as stupefied as I was. Don't get me wrong, I AM A GERMANY FAN! But still, watching Argentina get smashed into the ground was.. on one hand satisfying, and on the other (since I do like Argentina as well) very disturbing. Where was the Argentinian spirit? Why are all the South American teams getting thrashed by European ones? Maradona's face of ultimate defeat 

The Hand of God

wrung my heart, even as it went 'WOOHOO!' at the sight of

"Ja! Vier Tore!"

all my happy Deutscher boys.

Towards the end of the match, Argentina really looked as though they were giving up under the unstoppable force that was the German team. Now, how about Germany at the finals eh? Please don't do a 2002 and flop at the finish line, Germany.

Deutschland ist Beste in aller Welt!
(I'm not sure if I'm grammatically correct, but the sentiment is absolutely sincere)



Liz ^^, said...

After Germany thrashed England, I am soooo a Germany fan now ! :D

Muller, Klose and Podolski were on my mind -- no space for Higuain !!! XD

Since this is my first WC and all, the teams I first supported were cos I was following a "friend" (for eg. England) but after having watched enough games for myself, I'm def a Germany supporter now (I have my own opinion, how cool is that? :P)


May Lee said...


and yes it's uber (german word!!) cool that you've got your own opinions! good on you babe!