Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Arrested and Edward Cullen Kidnapped!

Well, not really. The Edward Cullen bit, I mean. Here is a hilarious video of a Russian woman making off with a cutout of Edward Cullen in a cinema. Desperate much?

Hello, Olga. I don't know for sure, but I'm pretty sure that the cutout won't be able to murmur Edward Cullen-esque babble into your ear. He WILL, however, be able to creepily watch you sleep like how he does Bella. And maybe sparkle like a damned fairy, if you apply glitter glue to his cardboard face.

Ladies and gentlemen, this video is proof that the brain cell-murdering disease that is Twilight mania is now an international plague. We need to do the world a favour and put down all those infected. Symptoms include: Mindless gushing over Robert Pattinson and his greasy hair, thinking Kristen Stewart is a good actress, and wanting to be like a clingy, emotionally unbalanced freak (a.k.a Bella), and placid acceptance of what is CLEARLY a paedophilic relationship.

P/S: HE'S NOT EVEN HOT. Wtf. Kidnap Jacob la!

 Now THIS one is worth kidnapping!

Anyway, moving on. LINDSAY LOHAN has been sentenced to 90 days in jail and 90 days in in-patient rehab!

Talk about shocking! Not. She's been troubled for so long, flirting with the law on so many many occasions, it's hardly surprising that she's going into the slammer; it's still a bit disconcerting though, to realise that 


is now

It's really sad, considering she has bucketloads of talent
On the plus side, talent never really goes away. And if she quits effing up her life, she would be able to make a comeback, easy.
Well, make sure not to drop the soap, Lindsay (and don't piss off any large lesbians).. We'll see you on the other side of 180 days.

Please make more awesome movies.

No Twilight crap.


kenwooi said...

lindsay lohan is always finding trouble for herself =/

Liz ^^, said...

Yeshhh. I can't believe what's happened to her. Do you know, I loved (and totally still do love) Parent Trap? I think it was a really awesome movie; back when she was still young and innocent and so....wholesome-looking. Looking at her now, it's just sad ! :( I dunno if she can ever make a comeback. She's hardly got time for movies when she's getting herself in and out of rehab ! >.<

btw, I'm totally a Team Jacob. Edward Cullen is just too creepy and "dead" for my taste. Jacob is completely opposite. He's hot, and his body looks like it could sizzle too xD

p.s: Not really a Twilight fan, but going to watch Eclipse later ! *teehee*

May Lee said...

kenwooi - i know, right? sigh. growing up in the spotlight is really hard la i think. plus, look at her parents. CRAAZYY.

sasa - i loved the parent trap too! so awesome. one of my all-time favourite movies!