Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Biology and Moral DO NOT EQUAL Sex Education

So, today I was minding my own business, reading the papers, when I read THIS and almost choked on my chocolate milk

Teachers: Curiosity leads to teens toying with sex

Oookay. I thought teachers were supposed to be SMART! According to the secretary-general (not for much longer, I hope) of the National Union of the Teaching Profession, Lok Yim Phen, the "lack of sex education is not the cause of teenage pregnancies". Apparently, "sex education was already included in subjects like biology, science, moral and Islamic education".


I don't know about right now, but in my day (which wasn't too long ago, okay!!), there was no sex education in moral. Moral consisted of us mindlessly memorising all the stupid moral values which, by the way, had to be written down word-for-word. NO DEVIATION AT ALL, WHETHER IN ARRANGEMENT OF WORDS OR IMBUHAN. So, that was our moral (and sex!) education. Right. Memorising the exact sentence structure for the value of 'trustworthiness' really taught us about sex. No, really. Halfway through the lesson, our teacher would tell us about how unprotected sex would lead to STDs and stuff.

Pfft. Bullshit.

Eh, let me enlighten you teachers on something. Telling a bunch of giggly 15-17 year old students about the science of copulation in Science and Biology classes is not 'sex education'.

"The sperm then meets with the egg in the Fallopian tube..."
"Oh liddat only issit? Okay, I go home and try on my girlfriend! Hmmm. How to start? Nevermind, I'll go watch some porn!"

Yes, teenagers get curious. THIS IS EXACTLY WHY THERE SHOULD BE SEX EDUCATION! Why should they learn everything from pornography? It's completely unrealistic and it doesn't inform them about the risks that sexually active people constantly run! Scare the shit out of the buggers by telling them about STDS, unplanned pregnancies and their detrimental effects. Then sit back and see if that horny kid STILL tries to do funny stuff with his girlfriend.

I bet he'd be so scared, porn will look like a horror movie.


Now, THAT's effective sex education! Listen and learn, Lok. Geez. Umur sudah tua tapi otak masih kurang matang.

And proof that I'm right: 

"Training and education director Nooreen Preusser said parents should start teaching their child about sex from the pre-school level, starting from the various body parts before moving on to age-appropriate information.
Nooreen, who is with P.S. The Children, said Finland, which conducts sex education at pre-school level, had the least number of unwanted pregnancies" 

Ha. In your face, ignorant teachers.


k0k s3n w4i said...

we'd probably get more mileage out of moral education if they actually just teach the Golden Rule or the Rule of Reciprocity.

the worst thing about porn is that they tend to give kids an unrealistic expectation of sex and people's bodies in general. a lot of the positions they employ in porn are really uncomfortable and were mostly used to either give the camera better access or for the novel appearance.

the lack of sex education is the culprit. i really wish that politician (and people in general) would stop making stupid assertions according to their feelings without first looking at the studies and research publications.

i guess it's up to me to provide the education when i have kids - if i choose to spawn at all.

May Lee said...

what happens a lot of the time is that the parents expect teachers to provide the education, and vice-versa. so when the child comes out of it completely uneducated, everybody starts pointing fingers:

"eh, you're the teacher; so teach la!!"

"you're the parent! this falls under your jurisdiction!"

and yeah, the lack of education really is at fault. it's time to stop beating around the bush and address the problem but being Asians, some feel uncomfortable talking about it. it's bloody well more uncomfortable when babies get dumped on doorsteps or in bags!

Liz ^^, said...

Nothing is being done in the education field for addressing sex education. Some of us may have been lucky, we grew up with Christian/religious values, even those regarding sex in general. So, despite the lack of sex education in school, we know what we need to know. However, we have to realize that not all families do that with their kids.

The fact of the matter is, there is seriously NOTHING in the education field right now - not Moral, not Biology - that deals with sex education. They Ministry always talk about it, but they have yet to do anything about it.

If such information was provided to the kids in the right environment, and the right attitude, where sex is not a taboo subject but is treated as a subject for open discussion, there WILL be a difference.

I wonder if anything will get done, or the Ministry will continue to insist that sex education is already accounted for through *scoffs* Moral and Biology lessons. >.<

May Lee said...

damn right, sasa!

sex NEEDS to be discussed, not kept under wraps as some sort of intriguing mystery that will only be discovered if you actually go and do it.

and also, our society has major double standards - if a girl gets preggers, then she is expelled from school. the guy? nothing. seriously, what is the logic behind the expulsion? bah. this is a topic for another post.