Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jabulani, Eh? I See Nothing to Rejoice Over.

The Jabulani means 'Rejoice' in Zulu

But after a 1-0 defeat for my beloved Germany at the hands of SERBIA (GAHHHHHHHH!) and a 0-0 draw for England and Algeria (yeah, I know right?? omg wtffff England?!), I think Jabulani might be more accurate if it were to mean 'UNDERDOGS REJOICE'. 

But do we blame the Jabulani? After all, according to LB, Germany has used the ball before, so it doesn't have the excuse of being all 'oh, the ball is new! It's difficult for the goalkeeper to determine where the ball is going to fly!" So, this means that it could be the ball, and it could be the crappiness of the team, although I am loath to admit the latter. See, Coach, this is what happens when you make the German team eat pasta in the morning! It disagrees with them. You should've let them eat their ham. Apa la you.

Bah. Football remains a mystery to me. All I know is this - I'm no longer sure who will win this thing.

The men are still ser-mokin', though!

 "I see my future, and it belongs with May Lee."
The man of the hour - Gonzalo Higuain. Hat-trick wonder AND pleasing to the eye. Can a girl ask for more?

Nope. =)


Liz ^^, said...

OMG. The photo caption. =.=


May Lee said...

=D jangan jeles

Nancy said...

Nice post and I hope Gonzalo propose very soon! ;)

May Lee said...

haha thanks nancy! =D