Sunday, June 6, 2010

Laugh of the Day

Today I read the follow-up article to the whole 'Oh, I read and fuck every night, that's what makes me such an awesome teacher' story that stunned me (and gave me a serious case of the LOLs) earlier this week.

Don’t read too much into hubby’s book and sex story, says wife

Today the embarrassed wife speaks. Oh, excuse me, she's not embarrassed that her husband practically told the whole world that they do it every night. Oh, no. She's proud of him.

In fact, this is what she says:
“Through reading and having a cordial relationship, we managed to raise our children to be caring and disciplined. What’s wrong if my husband shares his formula with others?”

Hmm. Question.

1. How does reading and having a cordial relationship make children caring and disciplined?
2. Having sex every night is not 'cordial'. It's 'sexual'. 'Cordial' means 'pleasant and friendly'. WTF is pleasant and friendly sex?

So if she means that 'not cordial' equals 'less sex', I as a student of Literature (heck, as a person who speaks English) feel the need to correct her. Madam, do you see the difference between the proper meaning of cordial, and your own?

Get it right, and don't try to sugarcoat it.. you and your husband are horny people, it's nothing to be ashamed of! Just

1. don't tell the whole world, nobody really wants to know. We're not all in the "old school of thought", some of us just don't need to know that you guys bonk every night.
2. don't call it 'cordial'. Because it's bullshit. Just saying.

Captioned in The Star as 'attending to her husband.'

Yup, she 'attends' to him, all right. Every night, in fact. After they read some erotic literature. Or maybe his BM textbook. You never know what turns some people on!


Liz ^^, said...

Oh, man. I read it too. I know that you know, topics and issues like this should be less taboo in our society, but I think she and her husband both are just waayyyyyy overboard !!
Reading it just made me shudder >.<

p.s: LOVE your new layout btw !!!! :)))

May Lee said...

hahaha i think there is a limit lar.. i don't really fancy getting visuals of that man getting it on every night. Dah la not leng chai!

thanks babe!!