Saturday, June 12, 2010

Football Fever?

Not quite. The word 'football' makes my eyes glaze over.

To be perfectly frank (and bimbotic-sounding), I only ever watch football to watch Cristiano Ronaldo run up and down the field and hope that he takes off his jersey to reveal his almost-ridiculously perfect body.

 GOOOAAAAALLLLLLL!!! (I'm not talking about the football type)

Oh, and let's not forget the delectable Beckham (as long as he keeps quiet, there is no Mickey Mouse voice to ruin the macho man effect!).

Mmmm. Hel-LO, there.

And in true bimbo version, I am very much interested in the WAGs (wives and girlfriends, for the truly uninitiated). 

WAGs are characterised by perfect hair, perfect tans, perfect bodies, and perfect gold-digging abilities.

Case in point, Abbey Clancey. Hot, no? Perfect hair, bod, and gorgeous to boot! Paired with.......

Crouch, of 'goal celebration-windmill impersonation' fame. Do you think he could've scored that stupendously fine hottie if he were just 'that lad in the corner pub'? Heck, NO. Even he knows that, admitting that he would've stayed a virgin forever if not for his football fame.

At least the man isn't deluded.

For your viewing pleasure - some other WAGs:

Alex Gerrard

 Danielle Lloyd

Aaaaaaandddd one of the most recognisable WAGs in football history:

My ultimate favourite Spice Girl! See I have awesome taste. She is the only one who is still super famous after all these years!

I LOVE FOOTBALL!! (But not the actual game)


Liz ^^, said...

Those gals are hot. But never really heard of them. Or hear of them, ever, unless it's the football season again.

But Posh Spice is just waaayyyy too skinny. She's like a skeleton ! =.= Looking at the photos you posted, I MUCH prefer Abbey Clancy (her Other Half - WHO??? >.<)

Ahah. Your ending statement? Same here ! I guess you understand why I'm for Portugal then :P

May Lee said...

hahaha peter crouch is some guy.. he used to be in liverpool i think? now puddlemere or something puddl-y sounding. not THAT famous, but recognisable cos he's so tall and gawky!

posh spice is super skinny, yuppp.. BUT UBER CHICCC!! <3 <3 <3

i dont support any ONE country, i just support the hot dudesss =DD

Liz ^^, said...

Ahaha. Who else are you eye-ing besides Christiano Ronaldo? XD

May Lee said...

=P always open to new hotties on the field! kaka is drool-worthy too! too bad beckham isn't playing. he's my numero uno, even though he sounds like bieber high on helium.