Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sibling Mine

We had a little cake-cutting thing for my brother - nothing large scale because it was a weekday. And because it was a weekday, this is what he was doing while we were being all excited:

Sigh. Chinese school. Need I say more?

Nevertheless, we were excited! So we decided to take a pic of his present haul - all from his female fan- *cough* I mean, FRIENDS.

"Wait ar....... Let me arrange nicely firstttt"

"Aiyo Daddy! No need la!"


"...Oh..kay, OCD Dad."

The result:

Okay, okay.. Daddy, you is done goods job.

The birthday feast: GREEN TEA CAKE AND GREEN TEA!

Talk about matching food to drink. Red wine and red meat? White wine and poultry? Pfft. GREEN TEA and GREEN TEA CAKE for the win!

"So what if you're doing homework? I want to take a picture with you!"

"Hey look! I'm twelve and it's my birthday!"

"Are you taking my picture? Can't you see I'm busy??"

"Okay, okay, fiine.. I'll take a picture with you. JUST ONE!"


As you can see, by that time he had already given up on any further attempts to do homework. THAT'S RIGHT, bow to familial pressure! muahaHAHAHA.

Us with my Akor (dad's sister). Birthday Boy's glazed smile hints at a pathetic tale - one in which he was forced against his will to repeatedly smile for pictures. Poor little tyke.


Okay fine, take a pic of me instead!

No, I'm not taking a crap. This is my 'taking photos of people across the dining table' stance. My dad wanted to catch me in action, but since he had to actually relieve me of the camera in order to take my pic, I had time to NOT look like I was answering the call of nature on the wrong seat.

Camwhore shot!
Damn, this photog is good.

Oh, the song-singing and cake-cutting part is in a video that refuses to be edited (ask Procrastination, my favourite frenemy, why). So, this post ends here. Anyway, you don't want to hear me bellowing 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUU' at top volume, do you?


Liz ^^, said...

Camwhore !!!!! XD

Me <3 the family photos !!! :D

Yvonne Tee said...

Pot calling the kettle black. :P

May Lee said...

sasa - thanks!! and i have to agree with pei vin! =P