Sunday, June 20, 2010

Some Dreams Never Really Die

 Yesterday, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden got married - continuing the trend of modern-day royals - to a commoner. Yes, I can hear all the aspiring princesses out there going 'YAY!'

Heck, here's a 'YAY!!' from me, too!

I think it's the Disney upbringing (EVERYBODY is a princess!), but it has always been my (not-so-secret) dream to be a princess. So much so that when I was young, I had a 'Princess Walk' and my own tiara and everything. Yes, I was an only child for most of my formative years. Yes, I believe that older siblings would've cured me in two seconds. (Un)fortunately, my imagination was allowed to roam wild and free.


You may address me as 'Your Highness'. Please curtsey upon meeting me, and be careful not to step on my ermine train.

Momentary delusions of grandeur aside, I have always had this love for royal news, ESPECIALLY royal weddings and marriages. One of my all-time favourites:

 The Crown Prince and the Aussie (Now Crown Princess Mary). Talk about a fairytale!

It really adds to the fairytale element that she's so pretty. And the royal kids are uber cute as well! 

 Makes your heart melt with a combination of 'awwww!' and 'I want that tooo!' doesn't it?

I know, I know, it's not easy to be a princess.. But let me dream. It must be awesome to live in a palace and wear designer dresses and have one's life revolve around producing heirs and attending functions. *inserts self in every royal scenario*

*blissful sigh*

I have been and always will be a Disney girl.

Bring on the unrealistic Princess stories!


Liz ^^, said...

Ahaha. I never really had that Princess dream.
Maybe having 2 younger bros prevented any of that (prevention waaayyyy before need for cure ! XD)

But definitely a Disney fan too ! No harm in dreaming of a fairy tale life :D *teehee*

But, there's been a new definition of a fairy tale life/ending and being a "Princess" -- watching "Princess and the Frog" XD

May Lee said...

ooh yeah that show.. and also enchanted!

but i will always ALWAYS love being a princess. =D

Liz ^^, said...

Too bad you're NOT one !!! wakakakakkaka

p.s: Acting like one doesn't MAKE you one babe :D *smile innocently*

May Lee said...

you are a DREAM-KILLER, sasa!

*sniffle sob*

cleo (クレオ) said...

haha..nice reading it..yeah, i guess most of the Disney's fans dream to b a princess..

I love pocahontas, and always been dreaming to b like is dat makes me one of the princess dreamers..? =P

May Lee said...

=D yes you are a princess dreamer, join the club! hehehe