Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Women With Balls

Are awesome!

No, I'm not a bra-burning feminist, and I don't think that all men are male chauvinist pigs; but women who have guts and who take risks (balls, in short) are sexy AND just as feminine as their more docile counterparts, only way more awesome.

The reason for this randomness:

Empress Orchid - a fictionalised (but mostly based on historical events) account of the rise to power of the last Empress of China. Now, THAT was a woman! Rising from the depths of the country, as the daughter of a minor Manchu official, and reaching the pinnacle of success as the Empress of China, second only to the Emperor's first wife, Cixi or Lady Yehonala was really a force to be reckoned with. Let's face it, she achieved so much in a time women were nothing more than chattel and had to wear these

(taken from

in order to be considered beautiful. Even in these modern days - where if a man so much as hits a woman, women all over the world would rise up and howl in outrage - how many women overcome massive odds and sabotaging in order to stamp their names in indelible ink upon the history books of the world?

Not that many, to be honest.

Lots of people grew up with the idea that Empress Cixi was some evil monster who wanted to control China, but I personally think that she's an awesome woman with balls of steel who clawed her way up, learned a lot of stuff along the way, and ruled the place a damn sight better than the men available at the time.
Another woman with balls bigger than her head (incidentally, her head got chopped off) is

Anne Boleyn, the most infamous of King Henry the VIII's wives. This pic is from the Showtime series The Tudors, a massively awesome show that shows Anne as a more 3-dimensional character, instead of the HORRENDOUS movie based on Philippa Gregory's fallacy-ridden book The Other Boleyn Girl. When I read that book I almost exploded and if I did, I would've waited til I could take that Gregory woman with me! Anne Boleyn is very much maligned in popular re-tellings, but a lot of historians are quite sympathetic (not Catholic ones though, generally) towards a woman who had the chance to advance her fortune as well as her family's fortunes (her father encouraged her to be the King's mistress), which she grabbed with both hands. A lot of the killing and bloodshed was done by the King, but noooo.. she was the criminal mastermind, as far as everybody is concerned. Bah. 

Dear Anne Boleyn haters,
Wait til you have a child and have to survive possibly getting sabo-ed by backstabbers, and are always running the risk of getting killed; or worse, abandoned by your protector. Then we'll see whether you'd sit around and be all like 'oh woe is meeeeee', or would you grow some hair on your chest and possibly some ling-longs down there and take control of your life?

May Lee

P/S Google Anne Boleyn and then tell me if she's not a victim of circumstances who was making the most profit possible out of a bad deal.


I guess it's kinda obvious that I like women with guts and who also use whatever they have (brains, sexuality, money) to get what they want. Moral of the story is: If you have it, use it! (But don't be a skank. ESPECIALLY not a cheap one)

Another public service message from May Lee <3


Liz ^^, said...

Girl power babehhhh !!!! XD

Ahaha. But I do get stuck when I demand that guys offer their seats to women, and the guys tell me "No such thing. YOU were the ones who wanted equality." =.=

What do I say to that???? >.<

May Lee said...

haha personally, i think that women should have equal RIGHTS, which means the right to equal wages, the right to vote, etc.

however, i think that it is an inescapable fact that women are physically different from men; that is, we are smaller and tire faster. therefore, it is not about equal RIGHTS, when men should give up their seats to women, but about PHYSICAL necessity.