Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So, I'm Wondering..

..why is the pervy BM teacher such a hot topic nowadays? He's featured AGAIN today in the Star, in the article

Workshop offers pouring in for teacher

However, today I'm not really bothered about HIM and his very active sex life. What really made me do a double take was this:

“My team felt that the Bahasa Malaysia teacher is the right inspiration to tackle social ills involving schoolchildren and also to share his tips with couples on maintaining a happy married life,” - Andrew Raju, president of the Malaysian Public Service Society.

NO WONDER LAR OUR SOCIETY IS SO EFFED UP. With this bugger at the helm of the Public Service Society, no wonder children are becoming more and more corrupted. I kid you not, some of my brother's classmates actually watch porn (they're 12!!). Don't even try to imagine why, you might go to jail for being a mental paedo.

Uh.. Excuse me, Mr. Raju

How is a man known - and respected by you - for nightly reading and horizontal-mambo sessions going to help tackle social ills involving schoolchildren? I really REALLY hope that it doesn't involve him telling the children to have sex every night after reading some stimulating (I meant intellectually so, you perverts who snickered) material.. They are all minors. The marriage counseling part I can understand, and even applaud slightly more than halfheartedly even though I think it's a waste of time because why would couples go to listen to something that the men already know? They'd be like 'uh, have sex every night. I KNOW THAT, DUMBASS. TELL ME HOW I CAN GET IT EVERY NIGHT, HOW ABOUT THAT?

But I really fail to see how Alias Ismail is going to curb social ills.

"Adik-adik, cikgu akan ajar korang camne mengelakkan diri daripada melakukan gejala sosial. Cikgu faham, mungkin korang ada 'peer pressure' sikit. Takpe. Camni. Cepat-cepat dapatkan bini, pastu setiap malam buat seks. Faham? Jangan lupe, baca buku dulu, supaya minda anda pun cergas."

 They watched his online workshop


Liz ^^, said...

Ahaha. My God, they really offering him jobs for that? They're just trying to cash in on his popularity at the moment. This is CRAZYYYYY !!!

May Lee said...

yeah, i think so too! he's in the papers every day. and the only reason he's so popular is because he had the balls (i prefer to think of it as 'the muka-tembok-ness) to tell malaysia about his nightly activities. bah. we should all go public with juicy details of our lives. dont have also make up some!