Monday, June 28, 2010

"You're 10! Here's a husband for you, Happy Birthday"

I was getting my (first!) pedi done at Nail Affairs in USJ16 , doing my best 'lady of leisure' impersonation by doing the whole 'luxuriating in the massage chair with a lady scrubbing my feet and legs with a peach-scented scrub while I flip through a magazine' thing, when I came across an article on child brides and realised anew that


Shocking right? Luckily I didn't accidentally kick the lady in her face!

This is absolutely horrific. I mean, I always KNEW it happened, but it was always there at the back of things.. Kind of in like a 'oh yeah, there are druggies out there........ eh, what's for dinner? I'm starving!!' sort of way. But instead of druggies, child brides.

"Who is this uncle??"

Does that picture look wrong to you? I bet it's the guy with the beard and the kid who looks like she's still struggling with fractions in school.
It's an abomination that little girls who should be running around and getting into trouble and crushing on Justin Bieber (who should be worried about being a child bride if he were to live in the Middle East)

are being basically raped everyday by their husbands (and I've heard that Middle Easterners have BIG you-know-whats). The horror stories are too many to recount. Sometimes we again realise that for all the women who have advanced in society due to increasing gender equality, there are equal numbers of women who are still oppressed and tortured daily by their society. Equality hasn't even any space to breathe there, let alone flourish and grow.


Nancy said...

highly disturbing...pedophile!

Liz ^^, said...

Yes, I agree. It's such a sad and scary thing. I mean, I'm not even sure these girls know what is happening. I didn't know much about sex until I was in like, secondary school. It's horrifying. :(
These girls are forced into womanhood beyond their time. I can't imagine how terrible that must be >.<

Gallivanter said...

That is purely rubbish, these men probably have some bloody sick fetish. ##%&%#@^*%#^@$@%^$#&@$!!

May Lee said...

Nancy - I agree! effing pedos!

sasa - yes, those girls are really forced to grow up before their time.. it's really disturbing! sometimes, their mothers dont even tell them what's about to happen; they spend their wedding days playing with other children, then at nite WHAM! big horny man! wtf right??

gallivanter - yeah! and it's also their culture la. but i really think that it's a really outdated social norm and it should be abolished! they are lobbying for a minimum marriage age in saudi arabia, let's hope they make it a reasonable one.

Liz ^^, said...

Yeah, and it's just freaky that these men are not just older they're, you know, BIGGER too. I can't imagine their first night. It's gonna be painful - physically AND emotionally :(