Sunday, June 13, 2010

Daddy Day = Eating Extravaganza

I am very, very important; because if I were never born, my dad would've had to wait an extra ten years before my brother would've made him a dad! Ten years of no presents, can you imagine?? You're welcome, daddy.

Anyway, nonsensical babble aside, we celebrated my dad's day in true Lim family style - eating! We started with dinner on Saturday night, and continued on Sunday with lunch, tea and dinner (yes we are gluttonous pigs.. that's how we roll, baby!).

Had dinner in Empire (yes, again! My parents are slowly working their way through all the food places there), at the newly-opened Lammeeya. In case the name doesn't make it incredibly obvious, Lammeeya serves Lam Mee, the yummy noodles that one can find almost anywhere. By this, I mean that Lam Mee is very common; therefore the thrifty Chinese soul that lives buried deep, DEEP within my psyche quails in horror at the thought of spending RM 12.80 for a bowl of Original Beef Lam Mee that would probably cost, at most, RM 8.50 in a hawker centre. Yes, I have a deep, undying horror of paying big money for Chinese and Malay food. Madam Kwan makes me want to eat the plate as well in an effort to make it worth my money.

My natural kiam-ness aside, we were quite keen to see if this place would be extra-super awesome, which would then justify the price (to be fair, they are in a shopping centre, and the cost of the rent itself would drive the price up by a good 40% at least). 

The menu is extensive, with a whole lot of Lam Mee options, as well as stuff like BBQ Rice and dishes you can eat with their Lard Steamed Rice (looked quite tempting, but I was there for the Lam Mee, baby!).
My dad's order - the Original Beef Lam Mee (RM 12.80). It was really quite yummy, the soup was thick and good. There could be more beef, though. All in all, not too bad.

Happy Father's Day, Dad!!

The char siew bun (RM 2.90) is a little bit pricey, but GOOD. Really, really good. The bread is nice and soft, and the char siew is perfect. Would I go and spend 3 bucks for a bun? HELL, YES. The buns in The Loaf cost more, and don't have CHAR SIEW *outraged*.

I love The Loaf, though. =D

My mum's Mushroom Lam Mee. Unfortunately, the amount of mushrooms in it does not justify it being named 'Mushroom Lam Mee'; it should just be Lam Mee with Mushroom Garnish. At RM 9.50, it is totally FAIL.COM.

 My brother's order - BBQ Rice (RM 13.80). It comes with four types of meat: char siew, pork sausage, chinese sausage and steamed chicken. I guess the amount of pork in it made it expensive, but it wasn't very satisfying to be honest.. plus, there was something (i think it was the pork sausage) that had this WEIRD taste. Maybe I'm not chinese enough to enjoy it, but I really thought it tasted gross, and that effectively ruined the whole thing for me. Verdict: So-so.

 Me eating char siew bun! With chopsticks! I finally learned how to use them properly, note the proud grin. Yes, I lived to be 21 using them wrongly (and not caring). My brother laughed at me for so long, I finally decided 'THAT'S IT! I AM GOING TO USE THEM PROPERLY!' and I did. It's amazing how much one can accomplish when one really makes the effort!

Oh, and if you're wondering why I have no Lam Mee, this is what happened: I waited for ages, patiently eating that bun and taking pics; and after asking the waitress about the status of my order twice, I finally got my answer - "So sorry, but your one is out of stock."


So that is why I had a char siew bun and 

a Toast Bun (RM 2.80) for dinner. The bun is yummy! Freshly toasted, it wasn't even browned, but yet light and crispy on the outside, and perfectly soft and delicious on the inside. The butter was all melted, though. Just a minor grouse.

 To cut a long story short, this place serves regular food at a jacked-up price. Will I go back? I highly doubt it. And even if I do, I'd just go to get my char siew bun cos IT IS GOOD. 

LAMMEEYA? How about a LAMMEENO instead? *disgruntled*

Oh, and we took my dad to Snowflake for dessert after lunch yesterday.  

Remember their UFO thing that tells you when your order is ready?
 Teehee. That's not all it's good for!
Game score: 1-1 

 Me and my mummy. Matching, kan? 

 My drink is a cincau ice topped with pearls and cincau jelly, and WHIPPED CREAM. Can I get a 'YUM'? 
My brother is sipping on Stringz, which is this month's special. What makes it special is that it has jelly noodles in it. Imagine sipping a deliciously refreshing, cold and not-too-sweet drink, with long jelly noodles that are chewy in texture. ABSOLUTELY YUMMEH. Take my word for it.

 We were all sharing cos the portions there are all pretty huge. Snowflake - BIG HIT WITH THE LIMS. 

Conclusion: 24 hours of eating, resting, eating, wandering around malls, eating. I'm exhausted. 

*hunts for diet* hmmm... I'm SURE I just put it down for a second! 


Liz ^^, said...

Cincau with WHIPPED CREAM????? ARGH. I naakkkkkk. >.< Never been to Snowflake before, although I've heard of it. haha What exactly does it serve? Sweets and desserts?

Lammeeya. haha Wow. Super duper expensive le !! But you made me feel like eating your dad's Original Beef Lam Mee :)))))

May Lee said...

hmm. mostly desserts. taiwanese desserts. hehehe. think you char kwai with soya milk, and all sorts of cincau-y delights. DAMN GOOD. i tell you what, when you come over for the sleepover, i'll take you there! it's quite near my house =DD

don't eat the lam mee, go to a hawker centre. i'm so serious. hahaha.

mytrajet74 said...

wow...nice one

May Lee said...

thanks! =)