Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sometimes, Opening A Door Can Save A Life

I read a note on Facebook yesterday, but I thought it was just another attention-seeker (there are so many, one gets jaded after a while) being over-dramatic. I can't for the life of me find that note anymore, I think Akina Teo (the writer) has taken it down. Can't say I'm surprised though; the note is hysterical in tone, and heavily peppered with profanities. You may have noticed it making its rounds on Facebook, especially yesterday; it is titled something along the lines of 'Fuck you, BHP!!'.

Basically, in the note, Akina talks about an incident in which he witnessed a car accident. One of the people involved in the accident was trapped in her car and was unable to escape, and when her car started to go up in flames, Akina ran to the nearest petrol station - BHP - and asked for a fire extinguisher. Get this - THE ATTENDANTS SAID 'NO'. They refused to open the door to let this man inside because it was after hours, and inside was where the extinguishers were being kept! Stunned, Akina kept demanding that they open up and let him in, but they were adamant. He even offered to pay for the extinguishers. In the meantime, the car went up in flames, and all that was left of the woman by the time the bomba reached were her charred remains.

First, I was like 'Hmmmmm. Dunno really or not one...'

Then I read about it in The Star just now.

Student dies after kiosk workers refuse to help

Yup. It's true. Can we all give a big 'WTF??' to the service industry in Malaysia? Of course, this is like the ultimate worst-case scenario. But Malaysians give and receive crappy service every damn day, but we don't really notice because we're so used to it. Can we please rise up and demand proper service from now on? Basic courtesy and some humanity (so lacking in this case) would be welcome, and PLEASE lose the effing 'tidak apa' attitude that seems to be our hallmark.