Thursday, June 17, 2010

Make Love, Not War

You know how sometimes certain things just jump out and catch your eye? This headline not only caught my eye, it almost yanked my eyeballs out of their sockets.

Porn star offers her body as compensation for war crimes 

How are your eyeballs doing? Okay? Back in your head yet?

Anri Suzuki, a Japanese porn star who also holds a doctorate in Sino-Japanese history (hah! who said porn stars are stupid?) wants to atone for her country's crimes against China - by having sex with Chinese students who are studying in Japan.

"Hello, Chinese guys who probably do not hold a grudge against Japan if you're here studying.. Come let me atone for my country's crimes against yours by bonking your brains out!"

I think the guys will be queuing around the block.. I mean, IT'S FOR THEIR COUNTRY'S HONOUR! A real Chinese man would do it, because it has always been a dream to bonk a porn star, as opposed to his cold fish girlfriend who doesn't give head it is a matter of national pride.

Make Love, Not War! War over already? Nevermind; just make love, then.


Liz ^^, said...

OMG, seriously ka? Got such thing??? Oh my, oh my. Un.Be.Lievable !!! =.=

She really took that slogan to heart eh???

May Lee said...


the guys who she would be bonking obviously do not feel really strongly about the whole japan-china-bad blood thing, or else THEY WONT BE IN JAPAN! pfft. nama saja phD. otak tarak ada.

but i think after this became public, a lot of chinese guys suddenly became very patriotic and all 'YOU JAPANESE PEOPLE REALLY TOOK A PISS ON MINE, AND I AM *ANGRY*!!! BRING ME A JAPANESE WOMAN TO EXORCISE MY ANGER AGAINST JAPANESE PEOPLE!'

Liz ^^, said...

Ahaha. Yeah, tiba2 saja all patriotic kan?? XD

May Lee said...